Storytelling through words, images and music

We are a specialist live social video production agency based in Crouch End, London. 

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Create A Message Clear As Crystal Glass

Our goal is to exceed our client’s expectations, which we do through working transparently and collaboratively with them.

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Private Commissions

We embrace the opportunity to work for customers from a range of backgrounds.  Storytelling through words, images and music is for all.

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Video Production

Storytelling through words, images and music

We support a versatile customer base ranging from artisans, international businesses and to private commissions. We have produced content that has been used in global marketing campaigns including working with talents who are references in their field and a few iconic faces. As a micro-agency we embrace and welcome private commissions; if we can’t help you, we’ll always try to help you find someone who can.

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Live Impact

We think that the ability to connect with live and social audiences more is the most exciting development in impact marketing since the creation of the WonderBra. Contact us today to find out more about how we can leverage this exciting new opportunity for your event or business. Its hot!

Commercial Content


Leveraging video to drive your business’s success is now a ubiquitous component of how to cultivate engagement amongst your established customer base and in engaging with new ones.

We don’t just make videos, we can support you in developing a strategy to drive engagement, presence and brand momentum.

Private Commissions

Boutique Content

We especially love working on unique projects, whether they are broadcast standard feature documentaries or a special personal event that you wish to capture for posterity and share with an intimate circle. Let Studio Boho unleash its boutique powers on your vision.

Strategic Marketing

Problem? Solved.

Do you want to accelerate your business’ growth? Then you need a plan that is specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and timely. Be S.M.A.R.T and contact us today and let us know what you want to achieve. We’ll provide honest, transparent and informed advice based upon experience from working with market leading publishers and brands.

Local Marketing

Creative Consultancy

We have many years of experience in working with some of the UK’s leading local media groups and in developing pioneering hyperlocal marketing strategies. Are you looking for trusted, experienced partner to establish, build or accelerate the momentum of your commercial goals? We can help!

Experiential Marketing

Live Impact

We put the “happen” into happening. Both here at our home in Hornsey Town Hall and elsewhere, we can create, plan, deliver and amplify your message in a live context through events. Naturally, we support all of this with a video content strategy that will enable you to maximise your return on investment through creating a compelling legacy strategy for your launch, exhibition or showcase.

Marketing Partnerships

Connecting Value

We can help identify the right marketing partner for your campaign including publishers, talent, brands and events to turbo charge your marketing impact.

We don’t believe that effective marketing should be about the media space you buy, its about the buzz and story you create!