Live Social Video

Studio Boho began a new chapter in its storytelling journey in July 2016 by entering the exciting space of live social video. Our experimentations and extensive research in the field enables us to plan, identify and deliver the right tools for the job and the most effective approach to take. We can produce live coverage of one off events and ongoing campaigns; all woven into a cohesive, powerful and effective social engagement strategy to tell the most important of stories; yours.

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Live social video truly is art and science working in harmony; there are technical and creative specialties involved which we have been mastering now for some time. Of course, there is a certain magic at play; such is the nature of live but behind that magic, there is know how, insight and analysis at play when delivering a powerful and effective story line or strategy to deliver more consistent results.

Studio Boho is focussed in and has a specialist understanding of these mechanics. We can now simulcast across Facebook Live, YouTube, Twitch and Periscope in real time, providing a compelling reach across your digital channels and reaching your where they like to consume video content.

We offer flexible, bespoke FB Live reportage services where we cover your event and create a strategy with your stakeholders to give maximum visibility for project; our model is highly mobile, enabling us to produce content on location using a number of different broadcasting models.

What we have learnt from these experiments is that Facebook Live has created a new paradigm in how video marketing can be done. We’ve also identified a process for maximising the return on investment for the activity that we undertake.


We’ll work with you to understand what your objectives are and the environment in which you want us broadcast; our experience and understanding of the medium enables us to plan what we are going to do in advance.

We analyse what approach would suit best.  A single broadcast or a series?  What is the ultimate objective and what are the sensitivities and creative opportunities around the subject?  What are the creative opportunities and how can we sprinkle some boho magic on proceedings to make your activity unique?


Being “Live” as novelty has a limited shelf life and an even more limited appeal to new and even existing customer and audience bases.  We’ve learnt some painful lessons about what works and what doesn’t; though as pioneers we also love the rapid pace of development and arrival of new technology.

Producing and broadcasting live content is not just about putting a plan into place, it is about managing and facilitating the “happening”, the random and embracing the opportunities that arise yet were never foreseen.


In live broadcasting there are always random factors that will emerge; this is a big part of the draw.  In the realm of social media, we participating in a two way conversation between what you want to share and the audience that you want to reach.

Engagement is key in creating impact with audiences; so we will plan in advance with our customers and other influencers to give the broadcast the best chance of reaching a large audience.


Studio Boho brings to its work experience in data analytics from working with some of the UK’s leading local media publishers.  Each piece of content and the broader campaign that it belongs to has a lifecycle that we can monitor, respond to and analyse in detail to improve future performance.

We monitor, measure and respond to data points such as:


Number of views, shares, comments & likes


VPH – Views Per Hour




Goal Achievement


Additionally, we can support live IPTV broadcasting and create your own product, discussion and exhibition content.

To see examples of our experimental Facebook Live broadcasts filmed at Hornsey Town Hall Arts Centre, please see below.



Check out our live stream from Art Society Soho’s recent discussion on “The Artist As A Brand: Is It Art?” broadcast live from Lights Of Soho, London. UK.