Private Commissions

We welcome approaches from private patrons to develop, create and produce bespoke video commissions.  This may be a special event, your own documentary or to compliment a creative project (whether delivered on a professional level or not).  Studio Boho’s offering has versatility at its core and we love tackling projects that are unique.

What is a private commission?  

Very simply its where a private individual or group of individuals, in some cases even artisan businesses, have a story that they want telling.

What kind of stories do we tell?

The possibilities are endless and limitless.  It can be something as personal as a special family event or as grand as realising or documenting your magnum opus.

How do we work?

We see all our patrons as individuals with unique viewpoints on what they want to achieve, celebrate and preserve for posterity.  Trust is essential and so is mutual respect in the process but also understand that in this type of work that getting great results can be as much a creative relationship as it is a professional one.

How much does it cost?

All private commission projects are bespoke in there pricing.  We try to balance what the project is setting out to achieve with the available budget that you have to fund it with.  We can also help you in finding sources of funding such as crowdsourcing and investigate other relevant channels of financial backing.

To find out more about privately commissioning Studio Boho please contact us at tom(at) or call 07887 564021.